Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Had rather a good weekend. Stayed at Pinkwitch Towers and we only ventured out to get essential supplies, Port, Stilton, Mussels, Wine...

I have borrowed The Pinkwitch Personal Transporter again. Dropped in to my unit to pick up a pile of empty boxes then met Ian of Much Wyrdness for lunch.

Came home sorted through the post, dealt with post... Looked for specs that need fixing, eventually found specs and now really can't be bothered with going to get them fixed... I'll go tomorrow.

I want to finish off my map of London but really can't be doing with using the laptop trackpad with lots of fiddly photoshop work, so I've just ordered a bluetooth mouse.

Any second now I plan to flop on the sofa and watch a DVD while giving moses_the_cat some quality time... because he hasn't seen much of me recently.

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