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Mission update from Mark, currently in orbit around a star near you.


I have no idea what happened on Monday. Probably just fed the monkeys and didn't touch and levers or buttons.

Tuesday </p>

Mum's birthday. We go for pub lunch by the river. In the evening I hang kitchen door and varnish it and record cupboard door. Did as much as I dare on Angel's kitchen cupboard door with out using loud tools after dark. Read email. Worry about some personal stuff. Phone Ari. Ari probably now thinks I'm as mad as a box of frogs and she doesn't know the half of it. I later console myself with the thought that I am "nice mad" and if only I were wealthy I would be considered eccentric. Of course the truly eccentric never recognise their true nature and neither would I if I was wealthy.


Couldn't sleep so I read until the alarm clock went off. Had to do post office ebay stuff. Then did a few odds and ends around the flat. Then headed off to lonewolf1964's place for a day of transferring Louise Brooks tapes to DVD. The Ghost Hunter's place looks like a cross between the pages of T3 magazine and Blockbuster... actually I think he has more DVD's and videos than Blockbuster, certainly a better selection. Lunch time is spent down the pub and the afternoon is spent watching Too Many Crooks. How come Sid James always seemed to play characters called "Sid"? I've just done a rough count on IMDB and I make it 14 Sids. Not counting Sid in Hancocks Half Hour.

Came home via piercedandproud place to find a naked man in his hall. On closer inspection it turns out to be a dummy who is going to do some stunt work tomorrow.

Came home and tried to start on fold out cutting table (the wood is in the way in the bedroom so it's best to finish making it and get it out of the way) too much noise banging around in the bedroom so I'm leaving it until tomorrow.

Well funnily enough I'm tired and ache all over and I may even be able to sleep. So I'm off to bed soon.

Good night ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz..........


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