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There is just have a brief moment in the hurly-burly of my life to write up the last few days.

Friday arrived way too quickly, although it was welcome, I wished I'd got more done in the week. I had wanted to be cutting the first wood on the bedroom project by Monday morning... LOL.

Saturday was fun, although a little stressful. Had to meet The Witch of Pinkness's family . But first we had to get there and some fool had closed part of the M25 and not cleared this with me first. SatNav came to the rescue, and after a brief detour to Gatwick Airport, we zigzaged across South East England. Through tiny county lanes, our headlights briefly illuminating village idiots, foxes, and roads that have probably never seen an electric light before or since our passing through. Eventually we arrived at the "family do", The Witch of Pinkness's sister's 25th wedding anniversary. Of course we were the only goths there (it being a rule in England, Scotland, and Wales since 1452, that only one goth is issued to each family... under pain of bickering). Now as far as I'm concerned, as a lilly livered West Londoner, all that lays east of Tower Bridge is Trouble (a predigest view that is slowly being whittled away by experience). It could also of been bitter experience of other people's family dos where just after the 2 pint of larger a fight erupts that has it origins in who said what about who's wife 30 years ago and ends when granny says something like "Well it's not like he's your real father." Anyway Saturday night's do couldn't of been further from those previous family parties. I had rather a good time, met thousands of people, I will never remember all their names. Met The Witch of Pinkness's mum, dad, and sisters, Peter the Pastor and they were all very friendly. There was one moment when an aunt had to be rush off to hospital with a nose bleed, I thought things had kicked off early but it turned out to be a spontaneous one. I guess it helped that The Witch of Pinkness had drawn the short straw and had to drive back leaving me the opportunity to imbibe, but I had rather a pleasant evening.

Sunday... I had to get back to the flat due to Grish being away and various spiders, birds, lizards, cat... needing feeding. So a quick dash home, pick up something to wear, feed the zoological collection, read post (bill, bill, bill...) and dash back Pink Witch Towers to get ready for Tanz Macabre. I liked this little club before the Arts Theatre Bar was refurbished and I like it even more now. The décor is gentleman's club meets Metropolitan Line tube station, a look I've longed to have the room for in my own flat. If money was no object I'd buy the Arts Theatre Bar and have it ready to open for just myself and friends at a moments notice, but Tanz Macabre is the next best thing. Pleased to see one decent beer behind the bar, even more pleased to have several bottles of said beer passed across the bar and into my hand. New sound system is a big improvement on the old one which used to render even my most favourite tunes unrecognisable. It was nice to see shelves of books in a club although it was too dark to read them, I may take a few odd books to add to their collection next time.

Monday... Didn't really get much done. Ordered a few odds and ends to help organise clothes while I do the bedroom, garment bags, hangers and alike. Slipped over to see Louis and watch Doctor Who, Robots of Death with Tom Baker and Louise Jameson (I had a thing about her back in 1977).

Tuesday... I'm waiting for the computer to finish something (it's been at it for 24 hours) so I can turn off the power and move a socket and then move a storage heater. It will be nice to have heat in the bedroom again, I went through last winter without any heat in there... ok 10 out of 10 for reducing my carbon footprint but it was bloody cold at times. Why do they call it the carbon footprint? Big lumps of carbon wouldn't be much of a problem... it's large amounts of CO2 that is the problem... along with methane, and amusingly, nitrous oxide (LOL). But do you know what has the biggest green house effect?... water vapour! Where are the experts telling us to stop putting so much water vapour into the atmosphere? Trouble is you can't measure past water vapour levels from ice cores as you can with the other culprits of global warming. I wander if we may be doing too little too late and not even looking at the main offender.

Wow! I really went off on a tangent there.

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