Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

A day of big bangs, bad news and tight leather trousers.

Didn't sleep much last night. Went to bed got up again several times. Evently got to sleep after going to bed after hearing the dawn chorus. Then at 9:15 am BOOM! RUMBLE, RUMBLE! I wake up to the crack of doom. and say as I leap out of bed "Oh God NO!" Even the lapsed pagan, atheist finds a little place for the divine when the end is at hand. I didn't think my time had come but I was sure there was going to be a huge mushroom cloud sprouting over London. I phoned my mum to say "I'm OK" before the lines went down... and it turned out to be thunder. I went back to bed.

Angel phoned about an hour later with bad and upsetting news. No lives lost or at danger, but really shitty stuff anyway. This really got to me and I couldn't get back to sleep... Until a lot later when I was finally drifting off the phone rang. As it could of been Angel I answered. Nope it was the phone company, presumably trying to sell me more lines, phones, better copper between me and the exchange, I don't know what because I hung up. Cold calling's got to be one of the worst jobs. Yer boss thinks you're not getting enough sales and everyone you ring wants you to F*#k off!. Come to think of it I'm on the "don't ring me, you bastards!" option. I guess the phone company thinks it doesn't include them.

Got to sleep at some point I guess. Woke up, had shower, got more bad and upsetting news via text, then went up to London. Got film tickets for Dance of The Vampires at NFT, bounced around a lot as I thought I'd missed out on this screening. Found I was in the middle of a gay and lesbian film festival. I'm wearing tight leather trousers and I'm getting checked out by chaps across the bar. I leave wondering what ever happened to the London transgender film festival?

Moved on to Treadwell's and briefly caught up with things State side with Christina's mum, and even more briefly saw her dad. Moved on to the Princess Louise for beer with vamps. Most pleased to find Colin had found his way on to the front cover of Karrang, I note under a photo of what passes for a rock band now, three blokes who look like they work at the phone company call centre. I always thought heavy metal was pretty conservative, now it dresses the part too. I don't know kids today.... piercedandproud and lonewolf1964 arrived and we settled in for a big drink.

Headed home at closing time convinced I'd lost my new glasses in the pub... Needn't of worried they were in the kitchen when I got home. Checked email, had a bite to eat drank loads of water and now I'm unplugging the phone switching off the mobile and going to bed. What's the betting the post man wants to wake me up tomorrow ?


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