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Today I...

Packed the car.
Moved the storage heater in my bedroom.
Filled up with petrol.
Went to the storage unit.
Went to the dump recycling centre.
Tried to visit Dave, but he wasn't in.
Went to the supermarket.
Went to the DIY store They didn't have everything I need wire in the storage heater, but that's always the way with DIY stores... They never have everything needed to complete the job.
Came home.
Did 3 loads of washing
Went the the launderette to dry washing.
Came home
Put the washing up a way.
Did more washing up.
I can't believe you are still reading this.
Moved my bed.
Moved the steel shelving.
Cleaned the steel shelving.
Took up two floor boards to see where the wiring for the storage heater goes.
Put back floorboards because the cat was looking down the hole.
Looked at voile curtains on ebay with a view to dressing up the brass four poster bed in order to photograph it and sell it on ebay.
Hung up coats.
Swept bedroom floor.

Actually I did a lot more than all this, but I thought I'd stick to the highlights of my day.
I think that'll do for now.


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