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Today I...

Got a junction box.

Painted the fence.

Painted the tool locker.

Got high on wood preservative (Well not exactly high just felt sick really).


Guy came round with a dead laptop for me to look at while he did my garden. Result was laptop still not well but all his files are backed up, and I have a very good looking garden. Poor Guy then got roped into helping me get a power cable under the bedroom floor.

There's a empty cable drum left under the floor 20 years ago.
Really pleased Guy helped with this because every time I put my hand under there, I'm sure felt something run across it.

Cable and draw-rope now run... Now I'm going to try and get it all wired up before I go out tonight.

I had been thinking of running network cables all round the flat but after the struggle we had just to get one cable across one room... I may just make do with Wi-Fi... Nah! Wi-Fi's rubbish, I'll run the cables.

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