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I slept until 2pm today. This really isn't getting the flat done now is it? Woke up quite early to the sound of the recycle men smashing bottles. Decided I didn't really want to dash out with my box of paper, tins and glass dressed in my dressing gown... So I rolled over and went back to sleep.

Hunger eventually drove me to get out and go shopping.

Just pottered about the flat tonight put some brass catches on two of the hall cupboards. Did a CD for Ari. Then tried to cook with chilli juice in my eye... It went like this chopped chillies chopped the onions, started to get onion tears and rubbed eye... ARRRRGGGGGHHHH! Tried washing out my eye with a shot glass of water poured it over myself mostly. I am a walking disaster in the kitchen. I don't get it, I pride myself on my practical abilities but in the kitchen I cut myself, half blind myself, burn myself and the food... I even forgot I was holding a knife the other day and stabed myself in the head when I went to scrath my ear.

I had two bits of bad news yesterday and they are still upsetting me. However salvation is in sight. Ari is getting to grips with newly acquired technology and sends me a short video clip of herself. My mood changes back to my normal optimistic self and beyond. It's just a little clip where she smiles and waves but it makes me as happy as a kid at Christmas to see her.


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