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Saturday morning up bright and early. I'm pottering around the flat when there's a knock at the door. It's Uncle Nemesis and Bunny P hot foot from the farmers' market. I let them in and point Unx at the kettle while I get dressed. I have to get a CD off to Ari so we wander up to the post office then on to the cafe for breakfast. Tonight is Angel's birthday party down in Eastbourne. Unx can't be persuaded to go I try one or two times more to get him to go, but he's not having it. After much coffee and toast, Unx and Bunny head home.

Later I walk out to my car dressed in Top hat, black cravat and tail coat. I can't resist the opportunity to raise my hat to my neighbour who's washing his car. He drops his sponge and mumbles something about how dirty his car is... I love dressing up :-)

I misjudge the traffic and arrive at Castle Nemesis 10 mins early and put Bunny into a panic as she's not ready. It is all to obvious that Unx isn't coming, he has his bike in bits in the kitchen and is covered in grease and oil. I have to decline his request for help getting a wheel off, pointing out I'm hardly dressed for bike mechanics.

Bunny ready and looking a million dollars we head down to Eastbourne arriving PDQ. We are unfashionably early. However the party soon kicks off with the arrive of loads of people. I'm driving so I get to watch all the weirdness with a clear head, and it's all most amusing. Jamie and Ivan arrive and for a couple of seconds I'm very confused... I hope to get some photos to put up here soon. Also got to meet the chap who may or may not be Angle's new chap. He's dressed in black, drives a hearse, and is a tattooist... So he gets my approval. One couple who will remain nameless destroyed Angel's garden seat by bonking on it... They will remain nameless so long as the payments keep coming ;-)

The evening went way too quickly and soon we were dropping off Connie and Ebony, minor moment of excitement there, I help Connie to her back door with all the bags of stuff small children come with and we find the back door smashed. I go check out what's happened (because I can be really stupid sometimes) fully expecting the house to have been turned over I go upstairs... To find Glen came home and had to break in as he didn't have his key... D'oh!

Very much relieved we weren't going to have to wait around for the police to come, Bunny and I head home. Trip back very quick as no traffic on the road. I tell Bunny lots and lots about Ari during the drive back and Bunny seems impressed. I drop bunny off at 2ish or 3ish(due to British summertime starting) and I'm soon in doors with a hot chocolate sitting if front of the PC seeing what my other mates have been up to during my brief absence from London. I decide to leave updating my own LJ, until now, and head to bed at 4am ish or 5 am ish.

Oh yes I also find I have won some more of the ebay auctions for the vintage laboratory equipment I'm after. I may let you know why I'm after it soon.

Big clear up of the living room about to happen right ........ now.


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