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Time line...

Abney Park announce they are playing Whitby next April on the Friday night 24th.

I book (well Matt books) accommodation for the weekend 22nd - 28th ish.

Abney Park mention they are also playing London on the Saturday 25th.

So now I'm left with the following choices: Do I blow out Whitby and just go to the London gig? The London gig will be steam punk themed and could be right up my foggy gas lit ally. Or blow out Whitby which has pretty much lost its appeal anyway and the only reason I was going was because AP are playing... or do I go to both? Have to come back on the Sunday at the latest anyway due to The Witch of Pinkness having to be back at work on the Monday.

I wonder where they are playing in London because that could be a deciding factor, as could the venue.

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