Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

From the pen of the creator of the Daleks....

No not Davros! I mean Terry Nation.

The BBC have certainly picked the right time to remake Survivors. I put on the TV to play a DVD last night and just by chance I caught the first episode. It was about 30 mins in and I immediately recognised it as a remake of classic TV drama series, from the scene where Abby Grant sets fire to her husband's body and then leaves a note for her son Peter on the door of the house. How I guessed is beyond me because in the original series she sets fire to the whole house, I still remember my mother saying "Why on Earth did she do that?". Anyway I was hooked once again at first at least because I wanted to see where they would stray from the original and what they would keep.

I think one of the reasons Survivors was such a hit in 75 was because the Three Day Week of the previous year, with all its shortages and power-cuts, was still fresh in peoples minds. So with all the economic doom and gloom we are dealing with now I guess Survivors could hit the right spot again. There's a whole generation of viewers now who never saw the original series and won't have a clue what the "Three Day Week" was. If I could only stop playing spot the differance between the 1975 version and the 2008 and playing guess the character, I'd start to get into it.

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