Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

I've been clearing up the flat. Piles of dead paper work has been collected from around the living room and made ready for recycling. I had to stay in today waiting for new Webcam to arrive. I sat at my desk, curtains open, looking up each time a large red van came into my peripheral vision, I'm astounded at the number of red vans that go past... Eventually Parcel Farce drives past... and doesn't even slow down! I want to shout "Oi!" and "Wait" and "where's me Webcam?". Hrumph! said Pooh. Oh well maybe tomorrow.

I decide to take a few things to the recycle centre and drop in on piercedandproud for coffee, a spot of computer bashing (installing very smart looking new printer) and fig rolls.

I moved on to Uncle Nem and Bunny P's for dinner and Big Stick and more computer bashing. Everywhere I go people want me to sort out their computers.

Came home to find Parcel Farce had conned me into going out. I suspect they drove past then hid around the corner until I went out. So now I'll have to wait until Thursday! Good grief!


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