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The local library called yesterday to say they had found a book I had on order, very quick service I thought. I was surprised to be told it was sourced from the British Library, I had no idea they were doing interlibrary loans. Is this a new thing? I will ask when I pick it up. This book isn't very old but it is out of print and fairly expensive second-hand.

Off to pick up the book and get some mog food to see Moses through the Christmas period.

I had occasion to call my credit card company today and was told they would look into the problem and would I call back next Thursday. I pointed out this would be Christmas day to which the piteous reply was "Yes we'll be here". I am now imagining the call centre looking like the office of Scrooge and Marley, which is a little unfair... because Mr Scrooge gave his staff Christmas day off, even before his life change night with ghosts and all the time travel. Although thinking about it...back in the days I worked for BT I used to be more than happy to volunteer to work Christmas day. It was the best day of the year to work, the city was dead, it took half an hour to drive to and from work rather than the usual 2 hours round trip, no one ever called to ask me to do anything, we had party food for breakfast and lunch, we got paid double time and got a day off added to our leave.

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