Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Home again....

Not too bad a weekend but almost anything would be preferable to last weekend. I can't believe that this time last weekend we had just got THE call. Seems like weeks ago.

So this weekend had to be better.
Friday I rushed around getting ingredients for a biriyani and curry, went over to Karen's and started chopping up veg, realised I'd forgotten coconut milk so rushed back out again, decided that it was best to head for the airport to pick up Paul and Adrienne who were flying back from Rome. Arrived way too early so wandered about terminal 5, toyed with the idea of taking advantage of the free train to the other terminals just to kill time and go for a ride, in the end I decided to stay put in case the train broke and I ended up stuck over at terminal 1.

I could of probably have finished preparing the curry, because the flight was half an hour late and the baggage box had been put in the plan the wrong way round at Rome and they had to cut the thing out because it was jammed. At least the Rome baggage handlers had managed to close the door, I remember we had to taxi back to the terminal once because some fool hadn't closed the hold door properly.

Anyway really good to see Paul and Adrienne, curry was eaten, stories were told. Luckily Paul didn't tell the story about me passing a complete stranger off as an old friend, I never come out sounding quite sane the way Paul tells that one, although I fear RJ told that storry to Karen and I come off even worse in his version. I was able to give Paul and Adrienne the bronze horses Neil had made, this was a small "thank you" for two of the best weekends of my life, Rome and Seattle. They brought us some little gifts from Rome a really neat little note book each, I have a thing about note books and fill them with streams of notes, jottings, sketches and doodles. Best of all I got to introduce them to Karen. Wish they could of stayed longer but in about 18 hours I was waving them off again. Really want to get over to the US to see them later in the year.

I pottered around on the Internet for a while after seeing them off, not wanting to wake Karen who was dead to the world. About an hour later I heard movement so I went up, crashed out and woke up at 3:30 in the afternoon. I got up and Karen was going out to look at the pond at the end of the garden to see if the ice was still covering it, she noticed the neighbour's cat had caught something small and brown, I thought it was a bird at first and probably dead, however it turned out to be a very much alive vole and when he gave out a little squeak which clearly meant "Don't just stand there, get me away from this blood cat!", I took him inside and we found a box, filled it with shredded paper and let him warm up in there. We released him later when the cat had gone home. There will be a short clip of the vole coming to youtube shortly.

We had planned going to Reptile Saturday night and there would of been dancing till the wee hours but that never happened due to extreme fatigue. I think the last week had taken it's toll on both of us and whilst the spirit was willing the flesh was too knackered. We dined of spiced-up leftover biriyani and watched a DVD.

Which brings me to Sunday.
Road trip to visit Karen's mum in hospital. She's looking better but still not 100%. The ward was like an oven all the ladies in there were complaining about the heat, hospital rules were probably broken when a window was opened. We headed back and ran Karen's car through the carwash to get the salt off it. It was so bad I had thought there was something wrong with the headlights because they weren't lighting up the road in front at all. It turned out this was because the lights and the whole car was caked in that special sort of dirt you only get from driving through snow and sludge. We moved on from car washing and picked up fish and chips. Watched an episode or two of Faulty Towers. Am I being over sensitive or is Faulty Towers just ever so slightly racist in places? I'm not sure what we are supposed to be laughing at when the Major uses racist words to describe Indian and West Indian cricket teams (I didn't laugh I cringed), the Major is quoting someone else, then uses the words again but seemingly without any malice. I guess it was the intention of the writer to hold up the attitudes of the daft old git for ridicule but it still sits very uncomfortably with me. I'm going to be mulling this one over for a while. We then jumped forward to sample some 21st century comedy in the form of the Green Wing... Which passed me by when it was first on TV and I vaguely remember thinking it was a serious US hospital drama, and I watched and liked it. Was there a US hospital drama with a similar name? Am I even more absent minded than I remember? How would I know if I was?

Home now and I did think I'd be crashing out right away but I find I'm awake and my mind is racing away. Need to go to the bank tomorrow, call my accountant... and I'm sure there's a list here somewhere.

I'll go to bed now and read, put my mind into 19th century New York and stop worrying about the here and now.

but before I do... "Oi! Paul! did you get home OK?"

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