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I give up....

Stud/Metal detectors are useless! I have two, one does stud and metal the other does live AC/metal and wood. One seems to be telling me the entire ceiling is live, the other beeps completely at random. I've adjusted both and by a process of trial and error I've determined approximately where 3 joists are. I say approximately because unless the joists are 10" wide I have rather a large margin for error. 'OK' I thought 'I'll try a couple of test holes and then I should be able to find the centre of the joists'. I thought wrong it seems because the drill is as flat as a frog on the M25. I'm getting to the point where it may be quicker to pull the whole ceiling down and start again... I could put more insulation in that way, however I'm really not prepared to put up with the mess.

I'll look on the Interweb and see if there is such a thing as a SUPER PINPOINT ACCURATE metal detector. Although for all I know my upstairs neighbour has hidden all her silver under the floor which would account for the some of the patterns of metal I'm finding up there. Hmmm....Maybe I will pull the ceiling down ;-)

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