Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

I was woken early by the postman delivering my 1950s television magnifying lens. I can now make things look really big!

Marc dropped round on a between gigs visit to ask if I'd master a new CD for him from a minidisc. I momentarily worried him by saying "no".. But said I would do it if he brought his 8 track deck round and we mastered from that to my PC. I sometimes think Marc would be happier if he was cutting direct to disc at 78rpm.

Time was pressing on so I jumped into the Silver Machine and set the controls for Surbiton early 21st century, to meet Ruth, time and space folded around me and in 1800 seconds I was there. I'm a bit worried about the Silver Machine, the chameleon circuit is stuck on "Rover 25".

Met up with glamgothruthy for pre charity shop drink and then headed off for some serious bargain hunting. I got a book on knots and a pair of brass candle sticks. Also got hair dye, same ol', same ol' black. We worked up an appetite what with all that shopping so a return to the cafe for a spot of lunch. Then headed over to the posh side of the tracks and Ruth Towers for afternoon drinks and a rummage through the Ruth record collection and a reconnoitre of the Ruth bookshelves.

I get a text from ebay saying I didn't get the hall stand my PC had just bid on for me in my absence. Just as well as I hadn't actually got around to checking the measurements against the main cargo hold of the Silver Machine and as this was going to be a buyer collects... just maybe... I should of checked.

Headed home around 6:30 in daylight! Summer is a coming in. Started clearing out more junk that has accumulated while I was concentrating on doing the hall. Contacted my hair consultant to book hair in for dying. It seems my hair can be done next Wednesday and as I'm not doing much that night I may go along just for the ride.

Hmmm... that was a big email that just arrived... I'll just go see if it's who I hope it is.



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