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Long time no post...

Been a busy couple of weeks. One funeral attended, one more to attend next week... I'm plodding on with project bedroom. Grish is a way so I'm taking the oppertunity to pull stuff around and do the stuff that would make half the flat uninhabitable while I do it.

Tomorrow I really think I may actually start cutting wood on the project but it's only to make a new top for the table saw, and a jig for holding work in place on the saw. Then the rest of the week is spent doing other stuff... Not really connected with project bedroom or project workshop.

The following Monday I may possibly be cutting wood that will be part of the bedroom. All I can say about that is "I bloody hope so!".

Also decided to press on with manufacturing some components. Most of which once I've made the prototype will involve casting a matrix of about 100 so I can make up a mould fro that. Most of that time will be spent waiting for RTV to harden... so I can be getting on with other stuff in the mean time, hopefully I'll have a good supply of components ready to start machining once I have a bench and milling machining in place... and hopefully that will be happening before Christmas 2012 ;-).. But at this rate who knows?

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