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Woke up and found a deckchair in my bedroom... I have no recollection of picking that up.

Snow... Grish, Tim and I walked up the road to the cafe, people actually seem to be enjoying the novelty of the snow. Standing around photographing each other, chucking snowballs, chap in the cafe had dug out a ski-pole to walk with, and I've seen a couple of sleds too.

I've got in some supplies and have plenty to be getting on with... although the phone calls to my accountant and agents will probably be a waste of time I doubt anyone will be in the offices today. Which reminds me... When did "to-day" become "today"? Who decided to drop the hyphen?

Tim's just left and is driving to Devon... I think he's crazy.

I've been trying a system restore on my laptop (this is been written on the Mac) this restore has been going on all weekend! It took 9 DVD-Rs to back-up the HDD and the first set failed on trying to restore. So I made another set, and that's been running all night with me putting the next disc in whenever I woke-up. It's Sod's Law that it will fail on the last disc, so my hopes aren't that high.

I think I'll watch the news and see if they manage to weave the "credit crunch" into any of the snow stories.

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