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Just because there's no point trying to sleep when I feel like this...

I may go to Bristol on Thursday morning, that's if I'm feeling any better. Picking up another Shergold for Dr. Paul. He seems to have a plan that involves removing all left-handed Shergolds from this side of the Atlantic.

Wednesday (err... that would be later today) I should be picking up a few 8X4 sheets of 18mm ply for project bedroom. woodlandguy  is offering his services as man with van.

More odds and ends arrived by post today for artwork use. Had a look at them but wasn't really in that creative zone. Did a sketch-up model of the idea I have for a TV and DVD unit for the living room. I think it's going to be pretty cool... I'll need to do it while I'm working on the bedroom due to the amount of wood working involved... and it will be nice to have it done in time for the filming that's happening here later this year. I'll have to remove the old concrete one I built 20 years ago which is a pity because I hate destroying anything.. I wonder if I put anything in the concrete by way of a time capsule? I vaguely remember doing something like that.

OK I'm off to bed with a hot honey and lemon and two duvets. So much for the rock 'n' roll lifestyle.


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