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One step farward two steps back...

OK I give up I'm calling in medical expertise. I though I was getting better and the walk back from the bank this afternoon nearly did me in.

In other news...

Here's another reason the High Street is doomed... I tried to get some cross dowels from the big hardware shop this afternoon. I ask and get the usual blank-look and parrot style repetition. This is a cut down version of what I remember of the conversation.

Me "Hi, do have you any cross dowels?"

Shop Guy "Cross dowels?"

His blank look persuades me to provide more info, even though I have already realised it's pointless to continue the conversation.

Me "Yes, metal threaded barrels that go on the end of bolts."

Shop Guy "I've never heard of such a thing."

Me "You may know them as barrel nuts?"

Shop Guy "Barrel nuts?"

I stifle a laugh, cunningly disguising it as a cough.

Shop Guy "What are they for?"

Me "Beds mostly. Some people call them bed bolts."

Shop Guy "For headboards?"

Me "No, they are used in all sorts of furniture to pull joints together."

I think to myself 'Oh Dear Lord! Do I have to draw a picture?'... It seems I do have to draw a picture. shop guy looks at it and says... "Looks like a specialist bit of kit to me".

I know I've said this before, but I really must try and record some of these conversations.

Why do I even bother? I get home, do a search on ebay and find dozens.

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