Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Well all in all that was a pretty good day. The Witch of Pinkness came over. She cooked, even though my cooker decided to fry it's element just after the pastry parcels were ready to go in.

We watched all the episodes of The Lost Room back to back. I want more! How did it happen in the first place?

The Witch has flown home now leaving me kicking the oven to try and get a part number off the burnt-out element. Broke 2 tiles sliding the cooker back into place (GRRRRR!)... Seems my cooker is a bit of a mystery to the spares websites apart form the one that has the element listed for for £40 RIP-OFF!. I was figuring no more than £20 and that's is a tad on the expensive side.

In the end... Good old ebay to the rescue (after a little lateral thinking on the search parameters) £5.99, now that's more like it.

I've been coughing most of the day. But I do feel I may be over the worst of it.

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