Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Golem Building for Dummies

Well I think I can put the clay and parchment away. I went to Treadwells tonight for Simson Leigh's talk on the methods of Golem creation as set out in Jewish texts. It seems Golem building is so mind bogglingly complicated, not to mention long-winded, that rather than create a soulless slave (to do your bidding) out of clay or dust, it's a darn sight quicker to just knuckle down and do the job yourself. I shouldn't be surprised, because the evidence for the impracticality (or more probably the impossibility) of Golem building is all around us, in the form of a distinct lack of clay men mending the road, serving us coffee in cafés or rampaging through the streets.

I had to leave Treadwells pretty sharpish after the talk, I'm still feeling pretty ropey. I even toyed with the idea of grabbing a cab across the river to Waterloo, but economy prevailed in that argument and I walked.

And so to bed.

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