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This will read as one of the most boring posts ever, but I find all this rather exciting.

Just called my car insurers and changed my cover to include business use. Only added £19 for the rest of the term, about 6 months. So some of my motoring costs now go through the books.

Also called machine tool people... No metric lathes for 4 weeks, but they will invoice me for this financial year. Hmmmm... bet they will. Right now I'm not keen on letting any company have my money unless I get the goods there and then. However unless I get this paid for before the end of the financial year, I won't help tax wise until January 2011. On the other hand I haven't got the work space ready and this stuff will just be sitting in crates getting in the way. Decisions, decisions.

Still one way and another things are moving along.

Now I have to sort out stuff to put on ebay to further finance my set-up costs.

Who's going to Reptile on Saturday?

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