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The weekend has rushed by in a blur of coloured lights... I guess that was the club on Saturday night. Actually I was painfully sober due to driving to Reptile on Saturday. Next time we arrive by tube and leave by cab.

In other news...
I've put 2 items on ebay, the time it takes and all the bother leads me to really wonder if it's better to just give the stuff to the charity shops. I took boxes of stuff over to Pinkwitch Mansion with a view to getting lots done while she was working. Pah! Two items and I lose the will to live.

I may have double booked myself tomorrow. Bugger! And it's going to be really difficult to change either arrangement... Would anyone like to impersonate me Monday afternoon? I can brief you by text and buy you a pint if you pull off the deception successfully... Tell you what I'll buy you a pint either way.

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