Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell


Saturday. Went to see Sherlock Holmes one man play at Wimbledon Studio. Angel came along and just managed to get to the theater in time having worked in the morning. Met The Master and Jenny at the door to the Studio so we all got to sit together. The one man play, starring Roger Llewellyn as Mr Holmes, was excellent. Lots of references to all the little details from the canon. You could tell from the knowing laughs in all the right places there were a few Sherlockians in the house this afternoon. There was one chap behind me who I thought had breathing difficulties... Jenny confirmed he was snoring. Also had some old chap next to me who I thought had died at one point. Anyway Roger Llewellyn was wonderful as Holmes. I thought he fleshed out the character like no other actor I've seen play the great man. No small amount of credit should also go to David Stuart Davies for writing the play.

We had time for a coffee after the play and chatted about antiques, Colin's collection of Victorian Taxidermy... all the usual stuff like where to put all the clothes we have. My answer's easy all the stuff that has mysteriously shrunk in the past few years is in storage :-( But the good news is I've lost another half a stone and I can take my jeans off with out undoing them.

Had a close call with two ponies on the A3 on the way home. Two saddled ponies ran across 6 lanes of fast moving traffic. No idea hat happened to the riders, but the ponies nearly didn't get home. Frightened me it all happened so quickly all I could do was will them to make it across. People from the stables by Richmond Park were trying to stop the traffic, people were swerving their cars this way and that and two very lucky ponies got across the road and headed for Richmond Park.

Spoke to Ari over the weekend... and she's coming over in 8 weeks time. So I'm way too excited than is healthy for a 42 year old to be. I'm also in a blind panic to get the flat into some state of order before Ari arrives. Anyway Ari and I have been phoning each other, emailing, sending video emails... and seem to be getting along really well. I probably have to say I'm quite smitten with her. As soon as I know the arrival time of her plane I'll put a countdown on my website, make a Blue Peter advent crown, mark off the days on my cell wall... That sort of stuff.


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