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Two Dreams

Early this morning I had two very vivid dreams. One amusing one disturbing.

In one Matt North had re tiled my bathroom, very badly. He hadn't used any tile adhesive, instead he drilled out the tiles and hung them on wooden pegs. He didn't seem to understand why I was so pissed off with him. However he agreed to put it right while I was out. I returned to find he'd knocked the flat into one big room and put a huge tile mural of a Chinese dragon down one wall, he had also installed booths and a counter. 3 or 4 Chinese men were sitting at one booth waiting to see me about renting the flat as a restaurant.

In the other... I'd got lost trying to find Lechlade with Karen and Emma in my car. Then when we got out of the car I suddenly found instead of seeing some objects I was seeing the names of the objects. I was looking at a bridge but not seeing the bridge, what I saw was the word BRIDGE hanging in the space where the bridge should be. I surmised I'd had a stroke but figured if this was the only effect I could probably go on as normal. Then I felt my legs go from under me and heard my father say "We're losing him"... and I was dead.

Much to my surprise I found myself in heaven, which was a cross between a church and a shopping mall. It was so vivid but I thought I must be dreaming and tried various things to check. I looked very closely at the leaves on a hedge, splashed water on my face at a fountain. And eventually resigned myself to the fact I had "crossed over". I should of stayed in one area for the induction talk but got bored waiting and wondered off. I suddenly realised I should of stayed for the talk. Maybe accommodation would of been allocated, heavenly money dished out (presumably to spend in the after life mall), rules could have been explained. I knew nothing. And had a sneaking suspicion this place wasn't all it seemed. There was an underlying sinister feeling about the whole place. This feeling was exacerbated by few souls being tortured here and there. Which of course prompted the question "was I in the other place?". But on further investigation I was informed it was OK because these souls were ex priests who had been bad.

I was extremely surprised to wake-up and find myself still alive. My subconscious astounds me once again. I wonder if I should take this as a warning and mend my evil ways, otherwise Matt North will turn my flat into a Chinese restaurant.

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