Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Hmmm... no posts since... Well...

I have the sneaking suspicion things maybe getting on top of me. But I have a plan. Grish is away this weekend so I'm going to take the oppertunity to get a few things done around the flat. I'll resist the temptation to rip the bath out, because I doubt I'll be able to put a new one in before she gets back.

Tomorrow I'm off to Kew for a talk entitled "An introduction to sources in The National Archives for the study of Victorian interior decoration and manufactured goods". Could be useful. I'll renew my PRO card while I'm there.

Friday it's more chucking out, and sorting at the unit of doom. Saturday it's more of the same at home. Sunday I'm doing a pile of ebay listings.

OK so that doesn't deal with the stuff that really needs dealing with but... I have a plan for them too.

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