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4am and I'm wide awake.

I've slipped into nocturnal mode again. Not good as I'm supposed to be taking my mum to hospital tomorrow and the next day too.
All very worried about this, trying to keep my head together so I'm of some use.

Went to see Unx and Bunny P tnight... Got feed and we talked about bands and Whitby Goffik Weekend. House I've rented now full, nearly over booked and would have ended up sleeping with Ian LOL :-) Christ! There's going to be 9 of us in one house. Thank God there's going to be one responsible person there to keep us in check... Emily my 10 year old Goddaughter!

Sort of arranged museum trip with friend Keeley. I say sort of because I send email, hear nothing. Send text, get range of dates sent 24 hours later. Pick date and text back right away, hear nothing. I should phone. Shouldn't I?

Can't sleep but I've done the washing up and watched all of Spaced 2 and the extras, out-takes and stuff... Started to watch it again with the commentary on...nah! Can't be doing with this I thought. I'll do a LJ and then read. So goodnight I'm going to bed with a book.

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