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I've just got off the phone with Ari... I'd of happily talked all night if she'd let me.

I spent the day clearing the bedroom and making space to start building the built in wardrobes / drawers / cupboards. Then measured up the room made a plan and started designing the wardrobes / drawers / cupboards around and into the space left over once dressing table and bed were installed.

Also shot some video to show Ari what I'm doing.

Last night went round to piercedandproud and bird_mad_girl's place for food and hair dying session. lonewolf1964 (am I the only person who uses their real name here?) Was already there with his arm all wrapped up after having yet more tattoo work done. There's very little of him left in the original pink colour. After coffee I assisted in the installation of a web cam. So by now all the world has seen why piercedandproud is called piercedandproud, and the world probably was happier in it's ignorance.

Big achievement of the day, getting the neighbours fat black and white cat to come to me and let me scratch him behind the ears. That cat has run away from me for at least the last 5 years. Big achievement of the week having to put a new hole in my belt because I've lost so much weight. Pah! Who need weight watchers? Still a long way to go but I fully intend to lose all the weight I've put on while being ill. I've lost 21lbs so far.

Had a dream this morning about Ari. We were going to London Zoo and walking around the edge of it to go in and Ari thought once we had walked past the few animals you can see from out side that that was it :-)

Other dream from morning before is my usual recurring stage fright dream but with a twist. The recurring dream is I'm on stage with a band, and I don't know what I am supposed to be playing usually I'm playing bass guitar (only thing I've ever played with a band on stage)... However this time I'm in a very different sort of band. The band in the dream was called "Molly House" there were 8 or 9 people on stage both male and female but we were all dressed as 18th century wenches. The music was pretty cool sort of a cross between the theme music to Black Adder III / In Extremo sort of EBM-Folk. The look of the band is sort of The Pogues meet Malice Mizer. So We're all on stage giving it "what for" and I'm at the back dancing all skirts and hair, I look down and I'm holding a hurdy gurdy. Cool! I've always wanted a hurdy gurdy... but this has a cable plugged into it and I just know when I crank the handle it's going to be the loudest instrument in the band and one of the other musicians has just sidled up to me and told me to get to the front of the stage as my hurdy gurdy solo is coming up...and I haven't the slighest idea how to play this or what to play... I woke up... Phew! & Weird! But it has got me thinking what a fun idea for a band, I'd go see 'em.

I've got to pack tomorrow for Leeds trip. Also I wanted to find time to put the boards together I've got for a cutting table... I thought they were cut to length to fit under the sofa... Wrong! They seem to be the correct width (they are going to be hinged together so they fold out into large work surface or even dinner table for slotting over desk. I would like to start making costumes again but for the moment all I'm doing this for is to move the wood out of the way of the impending construction in the bedroom. The urge to make stuff seems to be increasing with age.

I sort of doubt I'm going to have time to update this before I leave for Beyond the Veil... So I'll be back on Monday or Tuesday ...ish. Then next week I hope to start putting the first bits of wood on the wall in the bedroom.

I had better go to bed now as I've just remembered it's recycle day tomorrow and I have to put a ton of cans / bottles and paper out on the step at 7 am.


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