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Weekend in Leeds

OK I've been back from Leeds for 2 days now and really should be getting on with stuff. I've just cut two plywood boards to length to make my cutting board / dinner table. The idea is it will fold up and go under the sofa when not in use. when needed it will fold out and slot on top of the desk. A roll of vinyl floor covering will protect it when being used for cutting out of fabric.

But what of Leeds and Beyond The Veil 2?

Saturday am got up early washed packed the last few items. Emailed Ari to say goodbye... Strange concept when we are already 5000 miles apart but I'm nothing if not strange. Put on my New Rocks of travelling and the black wooly hat of doom shouldered my rucksack of blackness and nearly fell over backwards.

Of course I arrive way too early at Kings X, tried the worst bar in London (there are worse but this was pretty bad) Only larger on tap, all the hand pumps have the labels turned round. The bottled beers are the usual piss. I pick a bottle I'd rather not mention here and sit down to read. They then turn on the hits of the 80s CD, open the door I'm sitting next to and because the (S)hits of the 80s CD is now getting drowned out by the sound of a train, they turn up the crap CD. I drink up and leave. Wander around to platform 9 3/4, kids are having their photos taken by the sign. I wish there was some one to take my photo there too. Wander back to main station where, I direct mum and child to platform 9 3/4. Point out unattended bag to police, one cop prods the bag with his foot and second cop asks nearest civilian if it's his bomb bag. It turns out to be other chaps bag who's even further away from it.

Unx and Bunny P soon arrive and we are soon on the train heading up north. we talk constantly about all the usual car, train, goth stuff, drink beer, eat sandwiches. We disembark at Leeds and head for the hotel, where much confusion arises over rooms. Bunny sorts it out by more or less saying "you messed up, now sort it out" I of course apologize for heaven knows what...

At some point when alone in my room I decided to try and send an email from my mobile phone and after some messing around workout how to do it, so I email Ari. The first evenings entertainment is in an old pub (The Adelphi) on the other side of the river and a very fine pub it is too. Mild at only £1.50 a pint is the icing on the cake. Very nice old tiles on the wall... Here's a photo I took with my phonecam.

Upstairs there's much goff DJ action with new and old toons played till late. I keep fit by running up and down stairs to the bar with the better beer. The walk back to the hotel takes us past all sorts of really naf looking clubs that look as if they sell alcopops and play the blandest music on earth, if the people outside are anything to go by. Of course these people have to act like idiots because otherwise no one would notice them.

Back at the hotel I check my email and I'm pleased to see a message from Ari. I'm soon a sleep and it seems even sooner that I'm being woken up by the Mexican Hat Dance alarm on my phone. I stagger round to Unx and Bunny's room then we head down to breakfast. Which is a buffet bar :-) I like this arrangement.

I Spend a couple of hours in lobby reading and chatting to goths, then decide I fancy an hour in the bath and Radio 4 before bands of gothness start in the ballroom.

It's nearly 12 hours of bands! Bands I really like are Screaming Banshee Aircrew, The Last Dance, The Last Days of Jesus... And best band of the night are Bella Morte. I'm not going to write a review here, because I don't do reviews I expect there will be an Uncle Nemesis review at Starvoxsoon. I tried taking 3D photos of all the bands with my 3D camera and if the photo developing place can get their heads around some very simple instructions there may be some 3D photos on my web site soon.

12 hours flash by and we end the evening in Natasha's room drinking her tea and coffee before retiring. I go back to my room and sit in a hot bath for a while then check my email and once again find Ari has replied to my mobile mail.

Breakfast is strange I feel somewhat the worse for wear. For one very strange moment I think Marcus (of Heather & Marcus) fame is wearing trousers... Nah! Merely a trick of of the light he's wearing a skirt and reality hasn't broken down. Natasha joined me at my table and we talk of soya milk and vegan stuff. I'm only a vegan at home... So I'm not really a vegan, or at least a vegan who can't be bothered while eating out. I'm vegetarian whilst eating out.

I sit in the lobby of the hotel while Unx and Bunny go for a walk around Leeds. I'm too tired to move and would of happily say there all day, but we have a train to catch and they come and collect me and their luggage, we head for the station and much to my disappointment it's not the expected Eurostar...

IT was strange arriving back at Kings X it hardly seemed a moment since I was waiting there to leave.

Ari and I caught up by phone and msn once I got back home. We hope to get netmeeting working tonight. Because heaven knows how much we have run up in phone charges, and I'm sure it's more Ari calling me than me calling her. We must get audio working tonight.

I'm off to make a veg chilli now then watch Deadwood.


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