Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

What I did on Thursday.

Took the cat of fear to the vet for his jabs. The cat of fear, is frightened of everything (example, hang a coat on the back of a door and he's too frightened to go through that door) so a trip with me to the vet produces the usual result... and I have to drive back with the car windows open...

Take parents shopping, get fud for myself too, go to fabric warehouse... not chocolate brown velvet... apparently it's "not in fashion" and "maybe you would like something more up to date sir" I try to suppress manic laughter...

Head home and try to rest up ready for evenings entertainment... Uncle Nemesis very kindly treats me to a night of Devilish Presley, Bella Morte and Zombina and the Skeletones

Hadn't seen Devilish Presley before but Unx seems to rate them pretty highly... and rightly so as it turns out, I love 'em much fun. I bumped in to indigo_violet I must have walked right past her at Devilish Presley's stall... I'm momentarily confused when Sheridan comes over and askes me if I'm "Mark Rimmell"... "Oh fuck" and "who's this?" I think But he seems friendly and it seems he's been sent by indigo_violet to check if it really was me who probably looked right past her. Sorry. I was looking at the merchandising stall, it was dark, I'm very old....

Also bumped into Brian who remembers owing my a few quid and much to my embarrassment gives me cash there in the bar, I hope it didn't look too much like a drugs deal. I promptly turn some of my unexpected cash into Devilish Presley and Bella Morte CDs.

Unfortunately I had to leave part way into The Bella Morte set, but enjoyed what I'd seen and heard. Only just made it to Waterloo for the last train... Note to self find out last train to Teddington... I think it's later and I can walk from there.


Took film in for developing today... and I take it all back, I explained what I needed and very nice chap listened and said *no problem" and could he see the camera. Really nice chap and quick on the up take. Of course the proof of the puddings in the eating, but I'm confident he knows what he's doing and what I need for my 3d photos.

Neil come round this afternoon and showed me his new dies for minting Iron Age coins.. very good and I had ago, I'm now the proud owner of a freshly minted (by my own hands) Iron Age coin. I think Neil's a genius, he should be teaching at a University or begetting a really big research grant. He knows stuff about the manufacturing techniques of the bronze age you don't get in books and has the skills to test the techniques.

Spoke briefly to glamgothruthy to arrange Sunday meeting for film. Then crashed out on the sofa for a while woke up with stiff neck so went to bed till 8pm. Got up made dinner, had shower. Went on line... which brings me almost up to date sitting here waiting for a video from Ari and hoping to catch up with her via webcam soon.


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