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Last night Ari and I talked till the wee small hours over a surprisingly stable netmeeting. Finally got to see a glimpse of some of Ari's artwork and embroidery... and very splendid it looked too.

Eventually I gave in to tiredness... and went to bed to sleep, the spirit was willing to talk all night but the flesh had other ideas.

Uncle Nem slipped round this morning and Neil also popped by to do my lawn. Coffee was drunk photos were looked at. Then Unx and I walked up to Twickers to pick up my 3D photos. I've been trying to make them into anaglyphs some with more success than others. The red/blue glasses seem to have given me a headache so I'm stopping after only doing 4. Which if you have some red/blue glasses you can check out here...

Bella Morte in 3D

I'm going to put my feet up now with a cold compress on my forehead.


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