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Went to see Dance of the Vampires at the NFT, probably my favourite vampire film. Never seen it on the big screen before and wasn't disappointed. Went with glamgothruthy who later over dinner reminded me how much I'm going to miss Whitby next weekend :-( I'll get on with the bedroom and try and forget how much I wish I was up in Whitby. Well there's one other place I'd rather be but looking at my bank account that ain't gonna happen for a while either. Anyway Sunday night out was fun and Ruth is most excellent company.

Got home and was disappointed to find VCR had gone poot! and refused to record the William Morris documentary or "He Knew He was Right" Grrrrr!... Spirits were soon lifted when I discovered Ari was back on line. We netmet, then Ari phoned when her connection went a little wobbly due to Ever Questing from another room in her house. Eventually I was persuaded it would be a good idea to go to sleep. I wonder if I was making any sense towards the end of our conversation. Think I dropped off on the sofa, next thing Paul called from the US. Realised I was a bit out of it and arranged to call back tonight. Just tried calling and no answer... "Hrumph!" said Pooh.

Got up real early today (early for me) went to DIY stores and got large amounts of wood for building in bedroom. Also finally got the hinge on the dinner / cutting table just about right... I think I've put in and taken out the equivalent of 450 screws on that thing now. Just need to put some beading around the edge, 4 guide rails on the underside so it sits on the desk nice, varnish and stain it... and I'll look Jack the Biscuit.

Tomorrow looks pretty much booked up... Mastering DVDs with lonewolf1964. I think there's going to be a London goth conspirators meeting over a pub lunch (there's a dark plot being hatched), then in the evening I may give The Fitzroy Club a try... It seems the members will be convening at The Hope in Tottenham Street, W1 and I am advised as a newcomer I should search out "curious coves" or the "otherwise bibliophilic in appearance". Sounds weird enough for me. Does anyone know anymore? Anyone care to join me?


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