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Today didn't go exactly to plan, woke-up nice and early and really tired. Headed over to piercedandproud's place then we in turn headed over to see lonewolf1964. The plan had been to copy a pile of rare Louise Brooks films to DVD unfortunately the big silver boxes weren't behaving themselves... Well to be honest I was so knackered I was pleased I could call it a day early.

Headed home and pottered around the flat, snoozed, did a spot of carpentry. Made a short documentary about nailing bits of wood together... Sent that to Ari, snoozed a little more... Watched latest Deadwood, I'm hooked. Snoozed some more.

Have Uncle Nemesis coming over for dinner tomorrow, so I must get some nice Pot Noodles in.

Going to listen to the missjinny show now, then see if Ari is on line.


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