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Mark Rimmell

Can't do much more in the way of work because the next thing I have to do involves the use of power tools... 8pm probably a little too antisocial a time to be routing a a few mill off a door.


I'm going to catch up with what I've been up to.

Saturday 8am I picked Dr Paul up from the Airport. Drove him back to my place and we breakfasted at Langton's Bookshop. Later we headed up to town to dump stuff off at his hotel and meet up with Dr Alan and David. A brief diversion for me to go and get some paint for what is turning into the most expensive paint job on a film prop ever! And then on to the Princess Louise. May be a few less pubs would be closing if they went down the restoration rather than refurbishment route. (I'll have to count to 10 now so I don't go off on a pun rant). Anyway rather a good evening was had, there was Italian food, night caps and I was a little confused waking up at Alan's to the sound of a tennis match outside. I was half dreaming I was playing tennis with my mother, undoubtedly triggered by the sound of the game outside.

Later a brunch at the Tate Modern and I headed home. To check on Moses, pick up post and headed of the Pinkwitch Towers for dinner and a fitting of my costume for the film. Dinner very good Karen seemed to think it only thrown together but it wouldn't have aroused any suspicion if I'd been charged £50 for it at the Dorchester. Pleased to say my costume fitted better than I expected, a little tight in the arms which may prove a problem for one movement I need to make but I'm sure that will be al-right on the night.

Next day we headed off the the Royal Academy to see the Waterhouse exhibition. Which was rather good. I kept switching glasses as I went from admiring composition to technique and back again. I don't know what the person who wrote the notes was on but I did wonder if they had actually seen some of the paintings recently before writing the notes. I would have sworn we had only been in the exhibition half an hour however it turned out we'd been in there nearer to two hours. It was frustrating to see his sketchbooks so close but only be able to see the two pages each was open to, oh to be able to flick through them.

Unfortunately due to it being a Monday the gallery where Frith's "Private View at the Royal Academy" is was closed. I'm rather keen to see this as I've only seen it in prints and books it's one of those paintings I want to step into. to be able to shake hands with Oscar Wilde and tip my hat to Lily Langtry. I'll return next week some time. returned to PW Towers for leftovers of the previous night's dinner, apparently it was such an impromptu meal it is unlikely to be able to be reproduced, which is a pity.

Strange event at a coffee shop in the church yard of St. James's Church Piccadilly after the exhibition. Some chap took umbrage with another chap and throw his Netbook at him. I wondered later if I should have insulted him further (although I'm really not sure what set him off), in the chance he may throw more high-technology gadgets at me, could have scored an I-pod or a digital SLR. I did suggest at the time, that some people really shouldn't drink coffee. Strangely there was something about Netbook chucker and the arrogant way he sat there after the initial drama that prodded a small primitive part of my brain and made me extremely hostile towards him... Well it was either his arrogance or his disrespect for technology.

We watched a couple of films Monday night, Good Bye, Lenin! (which I thought was hilarious and sad)and Tideland (which was extremely disturbing on so many levels)... Going to have to read the novel. More Southern Gothic added to the list.

Tuesday was the Great British Beer Festival. Porter, Stout, Mild, Veggie food and String Quartet. Very good evening With Ian and Geoff.

Today I did paperwork, did some work in the bedroom and hall and watched Desperate Romantics.

I'm really enjoying Desperate Romantics, just wish I'd discovered it after it had been broadcast and the DVD was out... This 7 day wait between episodes is very frustrating.

I was going to the Beer Fest again tomorrow... however... will have to see. I have stuff set up to start work on first thing tomorrow so I'm hoping for a productive day.

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