Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Last night Uncle Nemesis dropped round for dinner... Not before he had phoned to tell me he couldn't get out of his house on account of neighbours being outside drinking beer and watching brat child wizzing up and down the pavement on electric scooter. "So what's the problem?" I ask.
"They may speak to me" says Unx.
"They may say 'All right mate' at me" says Unx barely hiding the rising panic in his voice.
I feel like saying "I've started cooking, so get you mad arse round here NOW!" Maybe I did say that.

Eventually Unx braves the norms next door and arrives. I manage to cook veg chilli and not poison my mate or me. We discuses a hypothetical "money no object" London goth gig. Wouldn't you like to know who we would put on? Well not telling just incase we persuade some fine person to put up the cash... NO UNX ISN'T GOING TO START PROMOTING AGAIN. This was Unx acting as a consultant... and it's all very hypothetical.

Unx had to leave around 9ish as he has to be up at 5am for work. I pottered around for a while, then tried to link up with Ari on line but my main PC is getting all chunky and crashorama right now, I guess it's time to reformat and reinstall... Ari phoned which was nice and we chatted for what didn't seem long enough but was probably quite some time.

Today. I got a recall notice for a torch I got my dad for his birthday back in December.. It seems some of these torches have been catching fire if left on for a while... I quickly phone him and advise caution. I fully expect to find he has put the torch in the middle of the garden surrounded with sandbags when I go round there tomorrow.

Did more work on the table top of doom. Why I thought it would only take a day or two to make is beyond me now. But it's nearly finished.

Spoke to Roger Moore this afternoon... Must get down to try the new Glue Pot (Swindon pub) it was my second favourite pub in the world... But, and I shudder to have to write this, they have fitted carpet. That's not the worst of it Mr Moore also informs me they have been playing "music" in there too. He still rates it as a pub but we'll see.

And while we are on the subject of pubs... I feel a night at the Jerusalem Tavern coming on.


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