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Got up early to duck under the rush hour, drove over to parents. Had breakfast there and then took mum & dad shopping. Mum insisted on going even though the trip wore her out. Later took dad to replace his recalled dangerous torch. Couldn't find a good replacement so I promised I'd track down a Maglite for him... which I subsequently did but not before going to 4 shops, best torches in the world and no one wants to stock them...


Windoz 98 finally died on my main machine and previous experience has taught me don't waste time trying to fix it just reinstall.. So I decided to give Wind'oh!s XP a proper try. Based on my experience with using XP for video work I had thought it was an improvement on 98... New O/S new set of problems... First problem is XP seems to be having problems with my Edirol Audio USB thang... So I'm faced with the choice of putting PCI crap o card in or going back to 98... I may just build an audio machine... Linux based! Netmeeting worked for about one nanosecond this was especially distressing as Ari and I were trying to shrink the distance between ourselves. In the end we fell back on 19th Century technology and Ari phoned me :-)


More faffing around loading software on to main PC. Finding this and that doesn't work under XP PAH!
Went round to see Unx, had fine chilli cooked by the hands of Uncle Nemesis. We fed his tadpoles some cat food... The water snails liked the cat food too and showed a preference for the rabbit flavoured bits. Also got to watch Unx use the electric lawn mower... Last time I saw him use an electric lawn mower it was the height of the 80's, Unx wasn't called "Unx", he was getting a tingling feeling down his hands, probably because it was raining. Had to head home via the DIY store to get nuts, bolts, Araldite (I like glues you have to mix, it's very reassuring).

I've been trying to talk to Ari over MSN tonight... Does it work like the best thing ever? NO! MSN is about as much use as a chocolate teapot. Holds together just long enough to lull one into a false sense of security, then.... Well then we give up again and use the phone.

Earlier tonight I had a real Homer Simpson moment... No not "Be quiet, Brain, or I'll stab you with a Q-tip"... I tried to fold up the new folding table top, I designed and made myself, the wrong way. I couldn't understand why it was stuck.

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