Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

The new ITV Wuthering Heights... I feel a rant comming on.

Watched part one last night and I really wonder why I'm about to sit down to another hour and a half of it.

Catherine spends half the time looking like she has just stepped out of a 1980's Freemans catalogue.

What happened to Emily Brontë's novel?

And what on Earth has happened to adverts on British TV? I haven't watched ITV for years and while I've been away... Good grief! Cheap run of the mill commercials trying to sell brown and beige curtains and furniture. What happened to the chimps selling tea? Where is the little Northern Lad pushing his bike up a hill in Sussex, to tell us all about Hovis? No pink and silver robots laughing at Earthlings because we still make mashed potato to old way. TV seems as beige as the curtains it's trying to sell us.

Now I remember why I don't watch it.

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