Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell


Went over to parents' to take them shopping and borrow dad's power drill, mine seems to have gone poot! in the bearings department... What's the betting I can't get the parts to repair it? Or, as happened with the last drill I blew up, the parts cost more than a new drill.

Crashed out for a couple of hours when I got home then headed up to London around 5:30 ish. Dropped into "Murder One" bookshop to check out the Sherlock Holmes shelves then headed over towards Treadwell's. I walked out of "Murder One" under a lead grey sky and the first rumblings thunder overhead. Then the sky opened to let in a huge down pore. We are talking Hammer Horror lightening that would have sent Igor scurrying for the electrodes, pea sized balls of ice setting off BMW car alarms, and lots of water. So much water that Treadwell's basement started to turn into a swimming pool. I decide, as no one else seems to want to tackle the problem, to try and catch as much water in buckets and send it down the toilet. About 10 buckets of water later and with the rain stopped, I manage to get the kitchen and toilet floor down to a mere dampness... The corridor carpet is another matter.

The talk on The Travels of John Dee and Edward Kelley by Robin Cousins was interesting and defiantly worth all the bailing out. It's even got me thinking about a connection with another of my pet subjects from a few years ago. I may have to look into that, but I'm sure someone else must of already put Edward Kelley and this "other" subject together.

What with all the bailing and not having much sleep I decided to leave fairly soon after the talk ended, and walked back to Waterloo along already drying streets. The trains seemed remarkably unaffected by the rain (usually a slight breeze and the railway shuts down).

Got home watched the latest "Deadwood". Then went to bed before 12!


Up at 8am to go to post office pick up package and wander down to the river expecting much flooding after overnight rain and high tide... Much disappointment no cars underwater.

Got home and decided to try and get the table top finished... It's turning in to a bit of an epic, by the time I got it all set up to mark-up where the clamps are going I was so knackered I could hardly do anymore. Managed to drill and fit 4 of the 6 nuts... I feel asleep on the sofa and woke up an hour later with a stiff neck and crawl into bed for a few hours.

This evening Neil dropped round for coffee and bronze age video, he left and hour ago and that brings me to up to date ish...Apart from liz_lowlife making it sound like I have dozens of "significant others" in Brighton by a bizarre choice of words. And Ari vanishing off line as I'm trying to explain what Liz was on about... Not that I have much of a clue.


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