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So much for an early night...

Went over to see Louis and the latest rushes... The film just gets better and better. Love the edit of the club scene, it makes it look like the best night club in the world!

Got treated to curry and a beer in the local restaurant. Then we watched more Doctor Who. I think we need to get a little more methodical (weird I just tried to spell "methodical" "mythodical" that's going to keep me up all night worrying about the significance of that near miss spelling)... anyway, we need to get a little more methodical with our Doctor Who watching, and go right back to the first episode and watch everything that survives in chronological order... Hmmm.... I mean in the order they were broadcast. Watching Doctor Who in chronological order could get a little complicated. Even though I am willing to bet someone's made a list, working out a time-line of events and pointing out various paradoxes... but who's to say what the date was on Earth when The Doctor first visited Skaro. So the method must be Order of Broadcast.

I'm off to bed now to worry about "mythodical". Legendary and yet systematic.

Oh no! now I'm thinking about mythodical culturalism.... Presumably this would be the occult is a continuation of the impractical processes of the supernatural world.

Yeah I drank too much coffee tonight.

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