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Rather a good weekend.

Helped dig a big hole in Wiltshire. Put to shame by tougher and fitter people but I marvelled that I could do so much... not so long ago I walk to the shops would lay me out for 2 days. This is the most physical thing I've done for years. It was fairly easy to start with the topsoil coming up in nice spade size lumps just like cutting peat. But then we hit the clay and rock. The clay cut like butter but stuck to everything and the rocks were enormous. Each rock was held in by the suction of the clay. Still we filled a skip with spoil and raised a 25 foot by 15 foot section of the garden by 2 feet. There was 10 of us digging, wheelbarrowing and stomping down the skip at one point. Fortified by teas and coffees brought out by Terri and doughnuts brought over by Kevan's mum and dad.

See those rocks piled up in front of the wall?
That's not even half of what we dug-up.

Met the biggest dog in the world. Who was more interested in having a good sniff around the garden than making friends with me. She was absolutely beautiful, wish I'd got a photo of her (with me for scale).

Pond was nicely filling up as I left, couldn't believe we got to this stage. Good hard work and good company all weekend and Terrie baked me a birthday cake. . I'd do it all again next weekend if I could... but if I did I'd only change 3 things, I'd take gloves, a change of T-shirts and I wouldn't come home via the M4.

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