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Friday Night

Talked with Ari for hours on the phone, lost track of time. Went to bed very happy.


Got a call from bunnyp and invited over for dinner. Checked time of kick off at the stadium and drove over while the crowed was still still in the ground and the roads were passable... I still had to take a back route in the end.

Arrived at Mr & Mrs J-J's to meet Bunny leaving for the shops. Welcomed her back (Bunny's been back to the USA) with a big hug and also (so he wouldn't feel left out) tried to hug Unx. Unx and I checked out how his tadpoles were doing... I videoed the little wriggly things... Need to find my lens filters I have a polarising filter somewhere. that will help video what's going on under the surface a little better.

Bunny came home and started cooking and I was persuaded (after two coffees) to look at Unx's PC. Which seems to have picked up a virus. No anti virus, no fire wall, no surprises. With no diagnostic software to hand I decided the best thing to do was bring the whole thing back to my place and work on it here. Worst comes to the worst I can back up his files, reformat, reinstall, and add a firewall and anti virus gubbins.

Bunny cooked darn fine food and Unx went out and got very expensive ice cream and fudge pie things. I can't eat for the rest of the week now.

Headed home with a car full of PC, hoping last night's long call with Ari wasn't going to mean tonight's prearranged call was no longer happening. As it turned out event turned against us and we didn't hook up in the phone in the end. Much stress and couldn't sleep. It was daylight last time I remember being awake. One good thing it has made me realise just how fond of Ari I am... and it's VERY.

Woke up around 10 ish... Hmmm... 3 hours sleep, had better not start on Unx's PC until I'm feeling more with it. Did the last two clamp mounts on my table. I can start varnishing it tomorrow. Right now I should be at Elektrofest. Can't get into gear. Going to have shower and try and get going.... Uggh!


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