Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

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Worst nightmare ever!

Very relieved to wake-up... as I am pretty much every morning, but more so today.

Can't even bring myself to write it down. I wouldn't say I "suffer" from night terrors, I certainly have them but pretty much take them in my stride. Most of the time don't remember them a few hours later. I even quite like the massive feeling of relief when I realise it was only a dream.

What really worries me is if my subconscious can do this to me... What could it do if I end up going down the same road as my father. I saw his subconscious frighten him half to death, and I have a darker streak to my imagination than he did.

You know that old story about "...if you die in your dreams, you really die"? I've disproved that so many times.

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