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This, and the plethora of Valentine's cards I've received, has made my day....

It's no secret that I am not really a fan of popular culture. I know it makes me sound like a bit of a snob, but I wasn't born a snob, this attitude came about after years and years of exposure to stuff that does absolutely nothing for me. I get zero stimulation from what floats most peoples boats in the way of entertainment. I loathe so much of this mainstream stuff, and it is so insidious I fear it's out to get people, sucker them in and rot their brains. So I am reassured by any evidence that I am ignorant of the mainstream. I've developed a scoring system and award myself brownie points for not knowing certain types of celebrity, depending on how crap their job is and how well known the media think they are... I should write it down into a table some time... but it is a sort of sliding scale with footballers towards the zero end.

Today's story has the potential to reassure me no-end and earn me lots of brownie points. It seems some chap called Vernon Daly (never heard of him) has been misbehaving, sending mucky texts to ladies. I see headlines and stories like this all the time, they use people's names like we are supposed to know who they are, most of the time I correctly assume it's a football player. How many times have I seen the headline "Joe Blogs in nightclub assault charge"? That example is always a footballer.... Anyway back to Vern. At first I assumed "Vern was a footballer (you can see where my prejudices lay), however on reading further I find he has a radio show. At this point I start to think he's a celebrity from the USA, one of those take show hosts who earn millions but are unheard of outside the USA, I can't award myself brownie points for not knowing one of those... So I read on, worrying that he's going to be a Big Brother winner (even less brownie points for one of those). It transpires he's married to Kess Daly (BINGO! I've never heard of her either), the report informs me that Kess hosts "Strictly Come Prance About". But before I award myself points I should make sure this isn't an American version of Strictly Come Dancing. I read a little further but still can't work out if these are UK celebrities, at this point I'm really starting to lose interest in the whole story (If you've read this far you probably feel about the same) so I gave up, guess I'll never know. GOOD!,

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