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Sherlock Holmes

Rather a good evening. Met Karen, went for a drink, went for dinner, very good food, wine very good. Then Karen took me to see "The Secret of Sherlock Holmes" at Richmond theatre. And rather splended it was too. The set was excellent! The lighting gave it an almost stereoscopic feel, or maybe it was my new glasses. I think if you weren't familiar with the canon you'd be a bit lost as to what was going on (or more hopefully it would leave you intrigued enough to seek out Dr Watson's accounts of some of cases of Mr Holmes. I enjoyed it immensely and found myself grinning from ear to ear for the first 10 minutes. Would have loved to have seen it when Jeremy Brett was in it back in the 80s.

I thought tonight's performance second only to Roger Llewellyn's one man Holmes... and I see he's playing in his other Sherlock play "Sherlock Holmes: The Death & Life" just around the corner from Karen next month. I haven't seen that one.

So the Sherlock Holmes scores so far this year are.

Guy Ritchie 4 out of 10

Jeremy Paul 9 out of 10

Thanks Karen!

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