Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

OK let's see... Where are we.

Went to take Unx's PC back on Sunday, had beer and veg curry with Unx and Bunny. Unx paid me with a ton of change all tuppences and pennies. a few shillings and two bob bits too I think... It's going to take longer to count than it took to fix the PC. I refuse to use one of those change counters at the supermarket... 5% to count my money... bloody vampires!

Trying to remember what days I did what. I think it was Sunday night I had another long chat with Ari on the phone... And another on Tuesday I think... Days are getting a bit lost on me, I remember what I did just not the day.

The table top is finished, lots of rubbing down and varnishing, then rubbing down again and more varnishing. It's looking good and now I'm going to put it away under the sofa, until I need it for dinner parties or for cutting out material.

Ari sent me samples of velvet from the US for my hall curtains... and a tiny nodding cat, which I have named Mycroft and he is sitting on top of my PC.

Was going to be doing video stuff with James T. Kirk yesterday but he was having trouble with a Gorn or was it the bank?

Went for beers and Chinese with Ian last night... sort of a wake for his job. But he has an interview on Friday. Had wanted to talk to Ari when I got home, checked to see if she was on line... but not there :-( I went to bed and slept the best I have for ages, seems the answer to my insomnia is beer a long walk, Chinese meal, more beer, and a train journey home.

Off for a cycle now.

Hope to hear from Ari tonight.

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