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Went for a little drink with Bird Mad Girl, Indigo Violet, Pissed & Proud, and James T. Kirk. Went to welcome new Landlord to new pub... any one in the pub trade who has views against the use of televisions in pubs gets my support. All went a bit quickly one second we were all admiring Jim's new tattoo next we were heading off into the night.

Got home and had a bit of a harrowing (maybe that's a bit too strong but I can't think of the right word) time... I still don't know how this will play out. not saying anything here or to anyone. Personal stuff. Couldn't sleep. Sat up and tried to read until dawn.

Did the washing up around 6am. Went out to see if I could find stray kitty. Skinny black cat I've been feeding off and on as and when he turns up. He's back in the area and he doesn't know it yet but he want's to live with me. Well there a couple of bowls and a litter tray if he wants 'em.

7am made a jug of lemonade.

Going to do a charity shop run with Glam Goth Ruthy around 10ish.

Tonight I'm staying in on my own with a bottle of wine and a couple of crap movies.


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