Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Tiring but fun weekend.

Tiring but fun weekend.

Saturday went to Nunhead Cemetery for their open day... Extremely beautiful place. I plan to go back on a less busy day to take more photographs.

Sunday went to see Throbbing Gristle (there's something I haven't said for over 20 years). I was fully prepared for good old TG to be past their "sell by" date. They weren't! They were better than ever before. This was not a gig, this was a DVD recording with audience. Can't wait till the DVD is released, I hope it captures the performance... Trouble is no home speaker is going to replicate the feeling of my body vibrating to the sub bass frequencies that felt on Sunday afternoon. I was please that Mr G. P. Orridge's breasts stayed in the ample cups of his red basque. It's strange but I think Mr Orridge is turning into Eddie Izzard.

Afterward Unx, Bunny P and I wondered off to the pub for a few beers and then tried to find Plant (Veg food place). In the end we had to call goth_tart and as goth_tart predicted they were just closing so a quick dash up the road and we went for Chinese, then home.

I arrived home still buzzing from the TG experience. I needed to unwind, rid myself a the London grime, defuzz and generally splash about in the bath. Then had long chat with Ari. I'm sure I went on way too long and I'm sorry Ari if I rambled on, and on. Went to bed around 4am and much to my surprise woke up at 10 am when the washing machine started bleeping to say "I'm all done with this load".

Today I begin the big clear-up... Things have been allowed to slip, standards have fallen. The entropy stops here, the line in the sand has been crossed and now we sweep up the sand. I have polite company arriving in 19 days and I can't have all this mess. So I'm having a coffee then I start moving furniture.