Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Tonight's Doctor Who

That's more like it!

Dump the previous attempts of the new Doc. This is where the new series should have started. Pleased it's got a cliff-hanger. Way too good for a single episode.... But.... There's always a "but"... I DON'T WANT DOGS ON THE SCREEN! Especially as the tension builds....

Dear BBC,

Just because the likes of FOX and SyFy do it, doesn't mean you have to! You're supposed to be the delineator of quality not the sheep of crapness. If it wasn't bad enough to put a DOG on screen bigging-up (as crap DJs say) a programme coming up ... it's probably the worst programme the BBC has ever produced (IMHO). Auditions should be behind closed doors.

So... I'm tempted to stop watching after next week and wait for the DVDs.... The final nail in the coffin of broadcast TV is the DOG!

Other wise.... Ecclesiastical Unit, Brilliant! It's Bishop Lethbridge-Stewart, fantastic. The Weeping Angels are the best thing in the post classic series Doctor Who. Tuning the Medusa myth on its head... love it :-) Do the kids even know about Medusa? Probably not, but some of them will get it in 20 years time when they jack in the the StimSim release of this episode. 


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