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By the time I finished paying my credit card bill, my coffee had gone cold.

On-line credit card payments. I can't believe it's so difficult to write software that will either ignore the spaces in credit card numbers, or add them if needed. If not, why not state that numbers need to be entered with or without the spaces on the form?

The above is a regular occurrence... but this is a new one, I was trying to pay off  £3.31 (the full amount) and it wouldn't let me.  Eventually I found what the problem was, I had to enter the amount as "Minimum Payment" not "Full Amount" even though both figures were the same!

There were a number of other problems logging-on and completing the payment that almost had me giving up and paying by cash at the Post Office. Did I swear and bang my fist on the desk? Nope! My usual reaction is to just push on with gritted teeth and grim resolution. This time I was laughing, not the hysterical laughter of the man crushed by dysfunctional, bureaucratic and arbitrary forms, but genuine amusement at the ludicrousness of the situation. I guess it helped that at any moment I could say "bugger this" and go and pay at the post office.

I guess I should check what I bought for £3.31. I thought I was being so careful with money this month.

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