Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Didn't get anything done today... but still had a good day.

Couldn't stay awake for the rest of the DNA Lounge gig this morning.. crashed out set the alarm for 11am but must of got up and switched it off and then went back to sleep. Got up at 1:30pm the post office closes at 12:30... which is about as much use as a chocolate tea pot. If you're running a monopoly who gives a toss about the customers? So anyway the upshot is I still don't know what's waiting down to PO for me.

Phoned my dad around 2pm and he told me my cousin Richard was coming over to see them... Jumped in to car clutching fresh Swarf bootleg and drove over to see them to the sound of Swarf live. Don't see nearly enough of my family so it was good to catch up with my aunt and Richard. Richard's new house some old Bishop's hunting lodge... beautiful house... I want one!

Home now wondering what I did with all my audio software CDs... Once again I have legal software but it's all too easy to download a cracked version because I can't find the legitimate CDs....Grrrrrrr.

Hope to hear from Ari tonight... Hint, hint If you're reading this Ari... "hello" and "give me a call".

Going to put my feet up now and rest up for a busy day tomorrow.